The 'Potato' species are one of a kind in this world. They posses no facial features but are menacing little fucks. They coat themselves in dirt to hide from their enemies, yes: humans. Sadly, we bathe these little species and slice them up into beautiful shapes and textures. What is a world without fries, wedges, mash potato, potato scallops, chips, croquettes, hash browns, gratin and for the wild, their personal friend and sex toy. That is it from BBC late-night news see you all next time you sack of nipples.


Shine bright like a washed nintendog image


this time you’ve gone too far tumblr.


if one door opens and another door closes, your house is probably haunted

Weren't you busted for being a catfish like a year ago?


Yea, you caught me


boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit


boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit


why do they even make underwear with tags??? just to tickle ur buttcrack???? what kind of sick joke is this???????????

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